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Of course we’re going to say that we’re great, but who better to give you the whole story than our actual clients. We’re really proud of our reviews and the feedback that we get about our service. And we’d love for you to experience our award-winning service too, so have a read and get in touch!

When you set up as a new company, or a contractor, you suddenly open a door to a world full of detail and choices – especially with taxes and finances. What to do? When to do it by? Who can you trust?

That’s where Aardvark Accounting are so brilliant; they make setting up your company straightforward and hassle-free, they explain your company money situation comprehensively and easily, and are excellent value for money.
Best of all, they are approachable and friendly and answer any question promptly, no matter how simple or numpty, and the accounting software they set you up with – FreeAgent – is superb and so easy to use. The mobile app it comes with is like having your company in your pocket at all times.

Give Aardvark Accounting a try, it’s a ray of sunshine in the grey world of accounting and company finances.

Nick Smith

Aardvark Accounting will go the extra mile to make sure you are on the right track and get to understand what you want to get out of your business.

Anthony Jones

I have recently became self employed (IT contractor) and having a company like Aardvark is what i needed. They have managed all my company set up, tax,etc and given me plenty of advice.

Most importantly no matter who I spoke too, they have all been very helpful.


I recently decided to transition my consulting company after 18-months with a mainstream ‘contractors accountancy’. I was tired of receiving a ‘blanket transactional’ service where the same advice and support was seemingly offered to all similar clients.

I also found that the amount of manual effort associated with book-keeping to be impacting the day-to-day operation of my business.

It was therefore with some trepidation that I decided to effect a transition in the middle of my current accounting year. I had looked at the emergence of FreeAgent as a better way to manage my business activities and after reaching out to a number of ‘certified FreeAgent accountants’ settled on Aardvark Accounting.

Within a week of commencing with Louisa, I had my first six months of trading (invoices, expenses, banking and returns) established in the FreeAgent application, prior accounting errors had been rectified, new operating recommendations discussed and actioned and all this during a period where I was both changing my long-term banking arrangements and incredibly busy at a key stage of a large transformation project for a core client.

Nothing is too much trouble, advice is regular, incisive and personal in fact, I would go as far as to say that accounting is no longer a burden but a benefit for the future health of my business. I have already saved hundreds of pounds and reduced my ongoing accounting effort substantially.

I would recommend (and have already recommended) Aardvark to any business out there where a personal touch, appropriate taxation and fiscal advice, effective mobile accounting tools and cost-effectiveness are a key items in your next accounting company selection.

Simon Gratton of CTO Advisors Ltd