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Working inside IR35 – what are your options?

The April 2021 IR35 reform is just around the corner, and you may be wondering what might happen if you’re found inside IR35, and the impact it could have on your take home pay. Whilst your expert Aardvark accountant is [...]

Should you refuse IR35 contracts?

As we edge ever closer to the IR35 April 2021 changes, one question which many of our clients are asking their accountant is, ‘should I refuse IR35 contracts?’ In this blog we explore the different circumstances that could ultimately make [...]

IR35 April 2021 – essential FAQs

IR35 changes are coming in April 2021. Be prepared with our IR35 essential FAQs. What’s changing? The current rules which govern Private contract IR35 statues will be brought in line with those which govern those within the Public field. Therefore [...]

How to challenge a client’s IR35 determination

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or you’re just starting out, no doubt you’ll have a varying level of understanding when it comes to IR35. In April 2021 the rules surrounding private contract’s IR35 statuses will be changing, and will be [...]